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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let us know your favourite variation of this leading entrée

Day 6 – Variations

Gourmet Cheeseburger – Topped all beef Pattie with cheddar cheese, Canadian bacon, portabella mushroom, caramelized onions on a fresh Kaiser roll
Bleu Burger – Grilled burger topped with grilled red onion and chunks of bleu cheese on an onion roll.
Gru...yere Burger – All beef with apple-wood smoked bacon, gruyere and mushroom sherry sauce.
Brie Deluxe – Grilled portabella mushrooms, melted brie cheese and balsamic roasted onions.
European Express – Top burger with melted smoked Gouda cheese, in a dark rye roll with grainy mustard and sauerkraut.
South-of-the-border – Top your burger with jalapeno pepper jack cheese, guacamole and fire grilled onions.
Taste of Italy – Spread and top slices of focaccia bread with pesto mayonnaise and arugula. Sandwich a burger topped with pasta sauce, pancetta and melted mozzarella between slices.
Spicy Thai – Flavour your burger with green Thai curry paste: cook and then sandwich in a bun or flatbread with chutney yogurt, chopped cilantro and slices of cucumber and red onion.
Health Nut – Sandwich an extra burger in a seed and grain filled bun use low fat mayonnaise, organic greens and crisp, thin slices of summer vegetables.
Canadian Breakfast Burger – Mix 3 parts beef with one part sausage between and English muffin topped with lettuce, sliced tomato, cheddar cheese and Canadian bacon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Day 4: Grill Guidance

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect way to grill their burger. Some general rules are to season before you grill and sear before you cook.

Tip 1: Adding salt to the patties before you grill is essential to locking in the flavour and creating a delicate crust, but don’t do it too early or you risk drying out your burger.

Tip 2: Patties should be about an inch thick in order to stay moist in the centre while retaining a crust. Patties shrink on the grill, so be sure to make them wider than the bun.

Tip 3: To keep your patties from bloating on the grill, press a ½ inch deep indentation in the centre before cooking

Tip 4: Always be sure to finish cooking patties on a cooler area of the grill to avoid serving charred product that’s still rare on the inside!

Tip 5: Don’t press down on the patties as they cook. The juices you keep will infuse the burger with delicious natural flavours.

Check back tomorrow for a variety of topping ideas!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Day 3: Cheese

Everyone has a different flavour of cheese that they would prefer on their burger. The cheese I use for my burgers is the Block and Barrel Cheddar.

Tip 1: Blue cheese pairs well with bacon and pears.

Tip 2: Smoked cheeses pair well with caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms.

Tip 3: For a Mediterranean flair add feta cheese, for an Italian flavour add mozzarella with pesto and arugula.

Tip 4: To properly melt the cheese check the burger to make sure it has reached a temperature of 165 degrees. Place the cheese on top and cover with lid. Let steam until cheese is melted.

Tune in tomorrow for GRILLING GUIDANCE!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Buns & Bread

The trick to a great burger is choosing an appropriate sized bun. To find the correct bun be sure to measure the diameter of both the patty and the bun. Remember, patties will shrink on the grill so make sure you adjust your bun size accordingly.

Alternatives to the original hamburger patty can be an onion bun, cibatta, and even sesame seed, or whole wheat. Use the toaster or the grill to get a charred smoky flavour.
Becoming increasingly popular are the mini hamburgers known as sliders. Sliders make a perfect dish for an appetizer or combined with multiple selections to create the perfect entreé.

Please let us know what you think about burgers! And remember to check back tomorrow for cheese selections!

Meat Content

Day 1: Meat Content

The most important thing to consider when making the ultimate hamburger is the meat content. It is important to understand the different types of ground beef and how to properly balance between the fat and meat. This must be done properly to ensure the perfect amount of flavour – especially since fat gives burgers much of their flavour.

Tip 1: You want your offering to be juicy – but not dripping with fat.

Tip 2: If you select a meat that’s very lean to please dieters, it often dries out and becomes crumbly during the grilling process.

Tip 3: Ground beef can be any cut or combination of cuts, and contains up to 30 percent fat.

Tip 4: Ground chuck typically contains 20 percent fat.

Tip 5: Ground sirloin often weighs in at 15 percent fat.

Tip 6: Ground round is the leanest, averaging 11 percent fat.

Tip 7: A fat content of 15 to 20 percent makes the juiciest burger without adding gristle or too much grease.

Tip 8: Use a combination of chuck and sirloin to achieve the best taste and consistency.

Tip 9: Patties should be about an inch thick in order to stay moist in the centre while retaining a crust. Patties shrink on the grill, so be sure to make them wider than the bun.

Try This: Mix 3 parts beef with one part sausage to add spice OR equal parts of beef and lamb for gyro- style results!

Check back tomorrow when we will cover the importance of choosing the right BUNS & BREAD!

Burger Week

This week via social media we’re going take an inside look at “the Burger”. The hamburger remains the leading entreé on Canadian menus with billions consumed annually. While some Canadians are serving up the traditional beef, bun and fixings; other more adventurous Canadians are looking for alternative options.
Check back daily as Bustini’s unveils tips and tricks on how to make the perfect burger!